AWF Action Alert: Our National Parks, Refuges and Forests are at Risk

15 Sep 2016 5:26 AM | Jim Taylor as Administrator (Administrator)

Join other Arkansas Wildlife Federation members in writing letters to the editor and asking  candidates for president, as well as candidates for federal/state office,  to endorse a statement of support for public lands. In so doing, these candidates would declare opposition to any large-scale sales or transfer of ownership or management of national public lands to state or local governments, or private interests. We must protect our access to these incredible landscapes and sporting opportunities. Stand with us. 

Continue the legacy of sportsmen protecting our wildlife and public lands. Take the pledge to protect public lands here:

Letter to Editor (Template)

American sportsmen and women were the original force behind the creation and protection of our public lands, stepping up and fighting fiercely to protect the forests, mountain ranges and waters that provided habitat for the wildlife and fish they pursued and enjoyed. Thanks to past and ongoing efforts of sportsmen and other conservationists, all Americans benefit from this national heritage. Our public lands are the beloved landscapes where our grandfathers taught us how to fly fish at a hidden spot along a cold mountain stream; where we learned how to track white-tailed deer across densely wooded forests; and where we sit quietly with our dogs and watch raucous flocks of geese rush across the fading skies. But our public lands are under attack from a minority of legislators and private interests who seek to carve up our outdoor legacy and transfer these lands to state and private ownership. The loss of these public lands would lead to the disappearance of places valued by the overwhelming majority of Americans and likely limit or close access to long-enjoyed hunting and fishing areas.

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation, a diverse organization representing sportsmen and women and other recreationists, is asking members of the public and as candidates for federal and state office to sign a statement of principles,, in support of keeping national public lands in public hands. As sportsmen and women, as the historical protectors and advocates of public lands, we must pledge to protect our cherished American birthright.




Tips for submitting a letter to the editor (LTE):

Submit your letter to one newspaper at a time.   Make it original and localized. If there is a National Wildlife Refuge, National Forest, or Park near your town paper, mention it by name.  Editors like local news.   

Keep your letter under 250 words (website of paper you’re submitting to may give their specific limit)

Give your full contact information as they will probably follow up to confirm you are in fact are the author.

Localize as much as you can by mentioning a local story, special place, loved one who benefits etc.

Here's a link to info about submitting op-eds and LTEs to about 90 papers. If the one you want isn't included, check the paper's website.

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