AWF urges Boozeman and Cotton to reject Pruitt as head of EPA

27 Jan 2017 12:27 PM | Johnny Sain

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation opposes the nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and asks Senator John Boozeman and Senator Tom Cotton to reject Pruitt’s nomination.

Ellen McNulty, board president of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, expressed her concerns to Senator Boozeman in an email:

"As president of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, I take great pride in leading the oldest conservation organization in Arkansas. AWF is a nonpartisan, conservative organization that advocates for the sustainable use of Arkansas' wildlife habitats and natural resources for future generations. Our board is composed of democrats and republicans that work together for the state of Arkansas to support science-based decision making and to make sure that our nation's environmental laws are enforced. Our great nation as well as the resource rich and bountiful state of Arkansas deserves an EPA Administrator that will put the interest of the American people above those of special interests. For that reason, I oppose the cabinet nomination of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Pruitt's record and policy positions represent a stark contrast to past Republican Party conservation legacy. Past Republicans worked tirelessly to develop and pass the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. Republican leaders were in the forefront to find solutions to threats depleting the ozone layer and coastal resources, acid rain and cross-state air pollution, and to better protect millions of acres of wetlands. Sound science was the foundation of each of these accomplishments.

Mr. Pruitt does not share America's bipartisan conservation values and I am asking you and Senator Cotton to oppose his nomination by voting no.”

AWF encourages its members and affiliates to contact Senator Boozeman’s and Senator Cotton’s offices and urge them to reject Pruitt’s nomination.  

Direct numbers to the senators’ offices:
Senator Cotton      202-224-2353
Senator Boozman 202-224-4843

Founded in 1936, the Arkansas Wildlife Federation is a 501(c)(3) affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. The NWF’s statement regarding their opposition to Pruitt’s nomination can be viewed here

For more information about the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, visit

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