Say NO to Kaput Hog Poison

20 Oct 2017 8:07 PM | Jim Taylor as Administrator (Administrator)

Help the Arkansas Wildlife Federation keep poison away from our wildlife.  The Arkansas Feral Hog Eradication Task Force is seeking input from Arkansans regarding Kaput® Hog poison currently being proposed to kill wild hogs. Recently denied its use by the state of Texas this poison producing company has now turned their sights for approval here in Arkansas. Yes, Arkansas has a feral hog problem but poison is not the answer.

“Poison is an indiscriminate killer,” said Sidney Charbonnet, Special Agent with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “It is extremely poor practice for nuisance animal reduction, as it doesn’t just kill the target species, it can take out whole segments of the food chain with secondary poisonings, as well as potentially killing pet dogs or cats who may consume the bait or the poisoned wildlife.”

Arkansas's eagles, bears, foxes, and other wildlife could suffer if this poison is allowed in our state. Join us at the Arkansas Wildlife Federation in letting them know this is a very bad idea for Arkansas wildlife. You must hurry because the deadline to make your voice heard is October 22.

Submit responses by completing an online survey, here:…/feral-hog-eradication-task-force-se…/

USFWS photo

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