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The Arkansas  Wildlife Federation’s Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards are the most prestigious conservation awards in the state. Presented each year to individuals and organizations that make great contributions to the conservation of our wildlife and related natural resources, the natural elements upon which all life depends.   

The purpose of the Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards program is to promote leadership by example and in turn increase conservation of the natural resources of the State of Arkansas – its wildlife, forests, soils, water, and air. The program is designed to bring about a greater knowledge and awareness of conservation practices and projects, and to give proper recognition to those persons and organizations that make outstanding contributions to the natural resource welfare of the community and the state.

Award Categories  

HAROLD ALEXANDER CONSERVATIONIST OF THE YEAR - The highest conservation achievement award presented by the Arkansas Wildlife Federation is for an individual who has excelled in an overall conservation effort, in environmental achievements, or other significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources.   

REX HANCOCK CONSERVATIONIST OF THE YEAR -For an individual who has excelled in an overall conservation effort, in environmental achievements, or other significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources. 

CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR - For any formally organized group whose purposes are conservation of the state’s natural and environmental resources. 

FORESTRY CONSERVATIONIST  OF THE YEAR- For an individual, group, firm or agency which has demonstrated outstanding leadership in management of forest resources. Fish and wildlife consideration must have been a major component in the recognized effort. 

WATER CONSERVATIONIST - For outstanding contribution to water resource conservation, whether surface water, ground water or wetlands. Efforts focusing on protection and improvement of water quality are especially important. 

CORPORATE CONSERVATIONIST OF THE YEAR - Awarded for significant efforts by an Arkansas business or corporation toward environmental stewardship. Efforts must be voluntary, involve employees going above and beyond compliance with mandatory programs. This category is to honor a corporate entity, not an individual. 

WILDLIFE CONSERVATIONIST - To recognize private individuals, professionals, clubs, firms or agency staff whose outstanding wildlife resource conservation efforts demonstrate commitment and leadership.

CONSERVATION EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR - For outstanding contribution by a professional or volunteer, classroom teacher or scout troop leader, firm, or organization to conservation education, whether in the classroom or by other means. The scope of the effort and its effectiveness are of major consideration.  

CAROL GRIFFEE CONSERVATION COMMUNICATOR - To recognize the outstanding efforts of a journalist or media firm in communicating the Arkansas Wildlife Federation’s conservation message to the general public. 

STUDENT CONSERVATIONIST OF THE YEAR - For outstanding achievement by a youth, having not reached the age of 19 at the time of nomination, in resource conservation. Accomplishments may include, but need not be limited to on-the-ground projects for conservation of fish, wildlife habitat, air, soil, forest or water. Efforts in the field of public awareness, communication and education are also eligible for recognition.  

2018 Conservation Award  nominations are now closed!  Click on the corresponding categories above to submit your nominations.

Prior Years Recipients

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