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For the first time in 50 years Congress failed to renew one of our most effective  conservation programs in American history.  The Land and Water Conservation fund. (LWCF)    

In 1965 a deal was struck with oil companies to  open America’s offshore areas for drilling.   In exchange, they agreed to  pay a royalty on oil and gas they produced.  Much the same way they pay private landowners...but in this case the “deal” was with the American people.    It was a  publicly supported  solution that, in more civil political times,  had bipartisan support in congress.  

The premise was simple; to  utilize  revenues from the depletion of one natural resource, offshore oil and gas,  to support  conservation of other  natural resources like found within our national parks and wildlife refuges.    As a royalty, not an income tax.. it rises and falls with energy production.   Energy companies liked it because they only pay for what they bring to market..and American taxpayers liked it because it required no additional income tax.   

As the sole program for federal land acquisitions and grants that target state and local recreation needs, the  LWCF  has provided  lasting tangible results  benefiting every  Arkansan.  So much so that EVERY county in Arkansas has a  state or local park project that,   either by acquisition or development,  has been funded by the  LWCF.  Washington and Benton counties alone received over $2 million dollars of LWC funds for its parks and recreation areas since the LWCF fundsprogram began.2   From sportsmen utilizing the duck  rich habitat of  Cache River Wildlife Refuge,  to families picnicking in the grasses of  Burns park,  to  romantics witnessing sunsets on the blue waters of   Degray lake, all have benefited from the LWCF.  

So long as the wells and drilling remain, royalties should be collected as originally agreed and utilized for the protection of national wildlife refuges, national parks and other jewels of our American landscape.

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Have injured or orphaned wildlife?   Below is a list of independent  VOLUNTEER rehabilitators  in your area that may be able to help. 
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