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The Arkansas Wildlife Federation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1936.

AWF directors are responsible for overseeing the work of professional staff and other AWF agents to ensure the fiduciary responsibility that member and donor funds are effectively and efficiently  directed toward the advancement of the federation's stated mission.   This responsibility is managed by board review and action to:  

  • Approve an annual budget.

  • Ensure the federation maintains adequate funds to operate annually.

  • Ensure that all financial obligations, reporting and government requirements are met by and to the federation.

  • Ensure that there is transparent accountability for the fiscal operations of the federation.

  • Conduct periodic, independently managed audit of the federation’s finances.

The board of directors has set forth the following policies to ensure the sound and responsible management of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation’s assets.


The bylaws of the Arkansas Wildlife Federation mandate that no directors/members shall receive  receive any pecuniary profit from the operations of the corporation.  As volunteers, directors receive no compensation for their service to and management of AWF’s affairs. It is the policy of the AWF that actual conflicts of interest, as well as the appearance of conflict of interest, be avoided.


The Arkansas Wildlife Federation, as a non-profit organization, periodically undergoes an independent audit process.  This process is managed by the federation’s finance committee.


The Arkansas Wildlife Federation periodically contracts an independent accounting firm to prepare audits of the federation’s finances. Currently,  one firm is involved in the periodic audit process and annual tax preparation only. All other financial management operations are handled internally by the Treasurer and staff.


The Arkansas Wildlife Federation’s Executive Board and President routinely review and sign off on financial statements with approval and support from the Treasurer and finance committee.


The Arkansas Wildlife Federation provides access to the most recent  independent audit reports and Form 990 Tax Returns.

Form 990 for Period Ending Aug 31, 2016 

Form 990 for Period Ending Aug 31, 2017

Form 990 for Period Ending Aug 31, 2018

Form 990 for Period Ending Aug 31, 2019

Have injured or orphaned wildlife?   Below is a list of independent  VOLUNTEER rehabilitators  in your area that may be able to help. 
AR Wildlife Rehabilitators

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